Travel Diary: My Punta Cana Adventure

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you can take a week off from your life just to lay on the beach, unwind, and be pampered. That’s exactly what I did last week at a beautiful resort in Punta Cana. The Now Larimar Resort was more than what we expected. From the wonderful staff, the amazing beach along the Caribbean Coast and the delicious food- we knew we were going to have an amazing week! This was my very first all-inclusive, tropical vacation. I still can’t get over how breathtaking and almost surreal everything looked. I mean, you see pictures of all these beautiful destinations all over social media but when you’re actually there.. it’s truly one of the most amazing feelings you’ll ever experience.

Our main goal on this trip was to take in the sunshine- as I was escaping the rainy weather back home in Vancouver and most importantly… RELAX! With all the relaxing, I also wanted to do a couple activities – I love adding a little adventure and crossing things off my to-do list. Punta Cana was a trip full of firsts! I also discovered my love for Banana Mamas… YUM!

The first couple of days mostly consisted of  laying on the beach or at the pool, exploring the resort and lots of eating!! Thank goodness for the buffet with surprisingly yummy food throughout the day! I’ve heard stories about some of the all-inclusive vacation food at certain resorts that aren’t so good but we got lucky with ours! There was a breakfast buffet with tons and tons of options plus a chef cooking up personalized omelettes mmm! 🙂 I LOVE breakfast so this definitely got me out of bed early every morning. We had the choices of Italian, French, Mexican and Japanese for dinner and we took advantage of them all throughout the week! One of my favourite nights was enjoying a delicious steak dinner on the beach. With our feet in the sand, a view of the ocean, and what felt like a summer nights breeze… I don’t enjoy eating my dinner any other way now! LOL

The third day, we booked a Catamaran and snorkeling trip where we were lucky enough to relax in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. I’ve always dreamt of swimming in crystal clear turquoise waters. It literally felt like a dream- cruising the Caribbean Sea, with a drink in hand from the open bar on board… what more could you ask for!

 We stopped for a delicious lobster lunch at a private location and dipped into a natural pool before heading off to our snorkeling spot. Snorkeling has never been on my to-do list because I’m not so comfortable in big waters and around fish but I really wanted to get over my fear. I’m so glad I did! It was one of the coolest experiences snorkeling in a coral reef. I was relieved there weren’t too many fishes because I would probably freak out haha. One step at a time, please! To say the least, I wasn’t ready to leave the water when it was time to go :(. We finally ended the tour by taking a dip in a blue lagoon! Ahhh- it all still feels so surreal.



This is me in a Dune Buggy looking super hardcore? I tried lol! The Dune Buggy tour was definitely an adventure and super muddy! It really gave us a chance to explore the countryside and learn about the lifestyle and the culture we were visiting. At one of our stops, we tried some local Dominican coffee and cocoa that was really delicious! Al though I LOVE my coffee.. my favourite stop during this tour was at Macao Beach. The sand was soo white and the view of the ocean was breathtaking.. I could have spent the whole day there! This was also where I met a monkey that was forcefully thrown onto my shoulders LOL (watch out for this) – but as soon as I made contact with him… I was obsessed and wanted to keep him for myself! He was so gentle and so sweeet!! 🙂


Our last stop was to a cave where the dept of the water was 25 feet deep.. so I definitely didn’t take a dive into that! haha (Fun Fact: I’ve never had professional swimming lessons- so all the swimming I know is self taught and lets just say, I’m not that comfortable in water!) I’m really considering taking swimming lessons after this trip- I hate missing out! haha.

Coming back to the cold weather in Vancouver definitely had me suffering from vacation withdrawals. I really can’t complain though.. because in 20 days I’ll be back in the sun celebrating my friend’s Bachelorette party in Cancun, Mexico!! Yesss! It looks like I’ll be keeping my tan all winter! 🙂


What was your first tropical vacation? Let me know in the comments below ! 🙂

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